👋🏻 Hi, I’m Junaid.

I currently live in Bangalore working remotely as a Software Engineer II at Atlan – a collaborative platform for modern data teams.

Boyhood and College

I have enjoyed creating things since I was a little kid.

I got my first computer when I was 10. I spent a lot of time designing stupid flyers, cards, e-vites etc. I genuinely enjoyed it, computers and the internet gave me the infinite canvas I always wanted.

I started writing code when I was 13, taught myself some python watching youtube tutorials to make some UIs using Tkinter. I moved on to learn how to build websites and android apps. This is when I discovered linux and got into that whole world – learnt about open source, the kernel, how the internet works, systems engineering etc.

I attended KIIT, Bhubaneswar in 2019 for my undergrad in computer science and engineering, I graduated in 2023.


I joined Atlan in June 2021 as an swe intern towards the end of my second year. It was remote so I could manage it with my “online” college during the covid lockdown.

Since joining most of my work has primarily been towards building the connector platform and also the set of initial connectors for BI and SQL tools. These connectors are data pipelines built using Argo Workflows, JDBC and Python.

I’m deeply interested all things around systems programming – database internals, distributed systems, PL theory, compilers, containers and kubernetes. I love technical writing as well, I drive a lot of engineering documentation initiatives at work.

Random facts about me